Apply to staff a birthright trip

Birthright Staff Job Description

Staffing a UF Hillel Birthright Israel trip with Israel Outdoors is both a privilege and a responsibility.  We are looking for qualified leaders who are passionate about sharing their love for Israel with the Gator community. As a member of our team, you’ll help share the gift of Birthright Israel with participants in an incredibly powerful, once-in-a-lifetime way.

To be eligible for a UF Birthright staff position, you must meet the following minimum requirements established by Birthright Israel and UF Hillel:

  • Age 21 or above

  • Extended experience in Israel on an educationally-oriented program (beyond being a participant in a Birthright Israel trip)

  • Leadership experience within the Jewish community

  • Proven leadership qualities and experience

  • Have a passport valid for at least 6 months after the program’s conclusion

  • Fully vaccinated against COVID 19 according to Birthright requirements

  • Ideally, Birthright Israel staff will be on UF’s campus for at least one semester following the trip

While staffing a trip can be an exciting experience, we also rely on our staff to manage multiple responsibilities, including but not limited to:

  • Facilitating pre-trip programming at UF Hillel

  • Managing the airport departure and in-flight travel

  • Supporting the Israeli guide in all aspects of the trip

  • Ensuring a smooth group experience: this may include managing logistics, social functions and other elements of the experience

  • Serving as a role model for participants throughout the program

  • Assisting in leading educational discussion groups and informal programming

  • In partnership with UF Hillel staff, serving as the primary engager at UF Hillel the following year for the participants on your trip:

    • Checking in/meeting with all of your participants 1-on-1 twice during the following semester

    • Coordinate at least 1 reunion event for your trip participants during the following semester

    • Organize and participate in at least 4 opportunities for trip participants to engage in the greater Jewish/Israel community events (ie coming to Shabbat together, attending a Rosh Hashanah event)

    • Support recruitment efforts for future Israel travel opportunities (ie tabling opportunities, UF Hillel Israel events on campus)

Our trip dates are as follows (all departures are from MIA):

  • May 1-12th, Classic

  • May 15-26th, Classic

  • May 15-26th, Greek Life

  • May 15-26th, 21+

We want to emphasize that this role is not only leading a 10-day trip in Israel, but also includes an extended engagement opportunity before and after the trip for participants. The follow up that happens after the trip is just as important as the trip itself; relationships built during the trip are an extension of the Jewish community on campus. Staff members are expected to continue engagement during the following semester in order to support participants in bringing their experience to campus. Although this is not a paid position, all travel, food and accommodations are covered for staff members. If this sounds like the job for you, please fill out the application below. 


Deadline to apply is Friday, March 18th