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UF Onward Israel Fellowship Program

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Stay in israel after birthright!

The Start-Up Nation Business course will expose participants to the main components of the business ecosystem of Israel. They will learn about why and how Israel became one of the world hubs for innovation in fields as Tech, Finance, Social Enterprises and Sustainability directly from leading experts and entrepreneurs in the field. The 2-4 days of classroom learning each week, will be complemented by hands on experiences with the senior management of major Israeli companies in the focus areas of the course. Additionally, the participants will work in small groups to identify and research one of the topics of the course throughout their time in Tel Aviv. Multiple times throughout the week, they will have semi-structured independent study to work with companies that will help them answer their prompt, supported by IGT’s network of businesses partners throughout the country. At the end of the course, participants will come together for group presentations on their independent study projects. In total, the Start Up Nation experience will be approximately 20 hours per week of instruction (slightly less during weeks with a travel day).

There will also be a Hebrew learning component weekly with an experienced Hebrew teacher.

Summer 2024 program dates coming soon.

Open to all qualifying UF to Israel Summer Birthright participants! Learn more on the Onward Webpage.  Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.

Note: The Fellowship program does NOT have an internship component. Please visit our page for the Onward Internship program here.

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