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"I'm so thankful for the opportunities that UF Hillel has given me to improve my leadership skills and to be involved on campus.   Whether it's marketing for birthright trips or celebrating  holidays, I know that I always have a community to support me here."
 -Carina Weber

With the University of Florida having one of the largest Jewish populations of any public university in the country, there are endless opportunities available to students who are interested in Israel. Campus resources span from religious, political, social, and special interest organizations but all have one thing in common: Israel!

UF Israel Engagement is sponsored by the University of Florida Hillel. The mission of Hillel is to inspire future leaders to positively impact the world by connecting them through a Jewish lens with Israel, travel experiences, career advancement opportunities, and entrepreneurial endeavors. For more information about UF Hillel, please visit our website.


for Israel

Gators for Israel an advocacy organization at the University of Florida that works to strengthen bipartisan support for a positive U.S. Israel relationship through involvement in the political process.



IAC Mishelanu is a campus program that fosters leaders and provides a home for Israeli-American students. Students are able to explore and strengthen their Israeli-American & Jewish identity through culture, language, heritage, and a strong connection to Israel.

Tamid is a consulting group that does pro-bono work for Israeli startups. Students meet with companies and provide suggestions and feedback on their products.


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