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Becoming a fellow for a pro-Israel organization is an excellent way to expand your knowledge about advocacy on campus and to gain experience in networking and event planning. Most fellowships offer training conferences over the summer and throughout the school year to ensure that student leaders are well versed in Israel related topics.


The organizations below will provide the resources and support students need to bring speakers to the University of Florida, to plan successful tabling events, and to build relationships with other student leaders.


Students may be eligible for stipends at the end of the year if they complete all fellowship requirements. For more information and to apply click on the links below.

CAMERA Fellowship

The CAMERA Fellowship is a sought-after one year Fellowship that is offered on a highly selective basis. Participants in our Fellows program are leaders on campus, proactively spreading the truth about Israel to fellow students, professors and the media

Israel on

Campus Coalition Grinspoon Morningstar Fellowship

Israel On Campus Coalition’s Grinspoon Morningstar Fellowship offers college students the opportunity to impact their campuses by focusing on civic engagement, coalition building, and celebrating Israel

StandWithUs Emerson Fellowship

The StandWithUs Emerson Fellowship is a prestigious one-year

program that recruits, trains, educates, and inspires pro-Israel college student leaders on campuses throughout North America. 

Hasbara Fellowship

Hasbara Fellows have become strategic thinkers, organizational leaders and innovate advocates for Israel on college campuses.

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