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sample Itinerary

Curious about what a UF Birthright Israel trip looks like? Check out this sample itinerary to get the breakdown of all the action-packed adventures you'll experience on your Birthright Israel trip!


Arrival at Ben Gurion Airport.

Pick up pre-ordered cell phones and change money. Drive north along the Trans Israel Highway, with a close up look at the Seam Zone Barrier. Check into the hotel, followed by orientation and dinner.


Mystical City Of Tzfat

Learn about the mystical city of Tzfat with a guided tour of the city. Visit this amazing artist colony in the north of Israel. Learn from experts about the secret mysticism of Kabbalah. Drive south to Jerusalem and check into the hotel, followed by free time and dinner.


Mount Bental / Kayak On The Jordan River

Take in the natural beauty of the Golan plateau overlooking Syria while learning about Israel's security and the delicate relationship between Israel and Syria in the wake of the Syrian civil war. Then kayak in the Jordan River. Ropes Park, followed by a Pizza Dinner on the shores of the Jordan River.


Israeli Soldiers Join The Tour / Old City Of Jerusalem

Begin five days of traveling with Israeli soldiers. Drive to Mount Scopus and stop for an overview of Jerusalem. Take a guided visit through the Old City of Jerusalem and return to the hotel and prepare for Kabbalat Shabbat.


B'nai Mitzvah Ceremony / Free Time In Downtown Jerusalem

Have breakfast at the hotel then a Shabbat morning program. Celebrate with a B'nai Mitzvah ceremony. Experience a Havdallah gathering: a transition from Shabbat to the regular week. Get ready for your amazing night out in downtown Jerusalem. Explore restaurants, pubs and intimate hookah lounges.

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Mount Herzel / Shuk Machne Yehuda

Visit Mount Herzel, the Israeli National Cemetery. Choose where to have lunch on your own in Shuk Machne Yehuda. Enjoy your free time haggling with the different vendors selling food, art and jewelry. Dinner at hotel and prep for Yad Vashem.


Yad Vashem / Camel Rides / Bedouin Camps

Visit the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial complex. Lunch on own and then drive south towards Arad. Camel rides and traditional Bedouin Hospitality with a Hafla Feast at the Kfar Hanokdim Bedouin Village.


Masada / Dead Sea

Climb Masada via the Roman Ramp for a guided visit about the significance of the Masada story in contemporary Israeli society. Float in the Dead Sea and conclude the Mifgash with the Israeli soldiers.

Drive to Ashkelon and check into the hotel, followed by free time and dinner.


Zinn Canyon Walk / Tzeddek Project

Descend to the Ein Avdat oasis in the Wilderness of Zinn for a walk through the canyon and hidden desert pools. Drive to Sderot and take a guided visit through Sderot for a glimpse at the creativity of the community, including a Tzeddek Tikkun Olam Project at the Secure Indoor Playground.


High Tech Tel Aviv / Independence Hall / Ben Gurion Airport

Drive to Tel Aviv and begin with Hi-Tech Tel Aviv. Learn about the challenges and triumphs of the start-up scene in Israel. Stop at Rabin Square,  Tel Aviv’s central plaza. Visit Independence Hall, where the state of Israel was declared in May 1948. Closing ceremony and then drive to Ben Gurion Airport. 

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