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the birthright Israel team

Our Birthright Israel team focuses on making sure all participants

have 10 days of exploration, education, safety and well… fun! 

Each bus is staffed with:

The Tour Guide: Our Israeli tour guide is licensed, experienced and

top-rated in their profession. They all speak English fluently.  They know

all of Israel and bring history to life in an exciting, interactive way while balancing fun with safety.


American Team Leaders: Our two American team leaders are there to get to know individually each participant before, during and after the trip.  They are an essential part of making the 10 days educational and exciting.  Each team member is a birthright alumnus and knows what it’s like to be a participant.  They have experience working with students and are very knowledgeable about the history of Israel and Israel’s unique citizens and present day politics.

The Medic/Security Guard: Every bus has a Medic/Security guard that travels with each group.  They are serious about their job, but are part of making sure the group has fun too.

The Bus Driver: Each bus is assigned a driver who will drop the group off and picked them up at each location.  Their driving skills are remarkable and they quickly become a part of the family as much as any other team member.

Israeli Peers: In addition to the team, there will be a group of Israeli soldiers (Mifgashim) joining the trip that are around the same age as the participants in the group. It’s a great opportunity to meet a peer who lives and serves in Israel and to share their experiences.  They too quickly become part of the family and by the end of the trip it is hard to decipher who’s American and who’s Israeli.

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