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UF to Israel has three main travel opportunities for UF Students to connect with Israel: Birthright Israel, Onward Israel, and Passages. Each trip is unique in its offerings. Our goal is to offer trips to Israel to all UF students No matter their religion, cultural background, or political beliefs.

Birthright Israel is a ten day trip to Israel designed to help Jewish students reconnect to their history and culture. 

The official departure dates for the Summer 2021 Season are currently under review. Students should expect trips to happen in the later months of the Summer.


Onward Israel is a two month program that provides young adults with an immersive resume building experience in Israel, featuring opportunities such as internships, service learning, academic courses and fellowships.


Applications are currently closed for the 2021 season. Next year's applications will come out around November 2021. Contact Ashley Jones at with questions about Onward Israel.


Passages Israel focuses on connecting Christian student leaders to the roots of their faith on a once in a lifetime trip to Israel. Students will have the opportunity to visit Christian holy sites, experience new cultures, and learn about modern day Israel.


Applications close April 9th, 2021

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