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"I could not thank UF Birthright enough for the incredible time
I had there. Every Jewish kid, even if they don't know the story of Hannukah, should go
on birthright. It is the trip of a lifetime, and you will make lasting friendships, learn
more about the State of Israel, and even yourself."
A. Noah Levin
getting to israel another way

UF Birthright promises you 10 of the most action-packed, fun and meaningful days of your life! Experience Israel with 40 new best friends, 5 new best Israeli soldier friends and a camel or two.  


You will learn about Israel from a personal point of view, hike Masada at sunrise, float down the Jordan river, suntan on the Mediterranean, nights out in Tel Aviv and yes, camel rides at sunset in the dessert.

Our buses fill quickly, so contact us today about filling a bus with your friends, or to make sure you reserve one of the limited spots on the trip.

To learn more contact Jared Glosser.

A Taste of Israel

If you consider yourself a foodie, this trip is for you! On our unique culinary trips, we’ll make sure to show you the hottest restaurants and culinary trends, give you the local’s perspective of the best Israeli foods, and take you to the biggest and best markets but also the “off the beaten path” ones as well.

Israeli Adventure

Explore Israel with fellow adventure junkies who want to have fun, meet new people, and see the country from north to south. With activities like hiking, biking, snorkeling, and so much more, adventure is around every corner!

Discover Israel

Experience an authentic view of Israel as you travel on and off the beaten track. You’ll get to explore Tel Aviv, ride a camel through the Negev desert, dance your heart out  while experiencing Israeli nightlife, float in the sea at the lowest place on earth, sleep under the stars in the middle of the desert, and wander through Jerusalem,overflowing with our rich and amazing history. 

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